SGS In House Survey Equipment & Software

  • 4x Trimble 5700 RTK GPS (3with internal radios)
  • 4x TSC2 Survey Controllers
  • 2x 25 watt Trimble GPS external radio modems
  • 3x Trimble DSM 232 marine RTK/Differential GPS
  • 2x Trimble DSM 132 dGPS receivers
  • 2x Trimble ‘beacon on a belt’ differential signal receivers
  • 2x Trimble MSK beacon receivers
  • 2x Garmin GBR21 MSK beacon receivers
  • 2x Odom Hydrotrac single beam echo sounders
  • 1x Knudsen 320 dual frequency echo sounder
  • 1x Leica DNA03 precise digital level
  • 1x Sokkia rotating laserplane
  • 1x Valeport Tidemaster automatic tide gauge
  • 1x Valeport 740 automatic tidegauge
  • 1x JW Fishers Underwater hand held cable & pipeline tracker
  • 1x Kipp & Zonen Pyranometer
  • 1x Humminbird 1190 combined GPS nav system, echo sounder & sideways looking sonar.
  • Various hand held GPS systems, boat GPS navigation & echo sounder systems with electronic charts
  • Van Veen grab sampler (large size).
  • 2x High specification multibeam data acquisition desktop PC’s with 8 port serial digiboards, & 1Gb Ethernet connections.
  • 1x Reson 1PPS output box
  • 1x Trimble 1PPS output box
  • Various desktop & laptop PC’s, printers, copiers, scanners, faxes, mobile phones, modems & cameras
  • 2x vessel VHF radios
  • 8x hand held VHF radios
  • Qinsy Survey (multibeam enabled), Qinsy Office, Qloud, HydroPro, Terramodel, Trimble Business Centre, Trimble Geomatics Office, Leica Survey Office, WinADCP, WinRiver, Wavelog, WavesMon, WavesView, Dr. Depth, Section by Section.

SGS Machinery

  • 1.0kv, 1.7kv, 2.4kv & 4.2kv Petrol Generators, 4.5kv Diesel generator, 2 x 6.5kv Diesel Generators
  • 3 x 150 & 2 x 300 Watt UPS, 50 & 75 Watt Invertors
  • 12v electric winch
  • 12v batteries & chargers
  • 2x high pressure water pumps
  • Air compressor with reservoir

Other Equipment & Software Used By SGS (hired locally or from overseas)

Single Beam Echo Sounder (dual frequency) Odom Echotrac (Mk II & Mk III)
Parametric Echo Sounder/Sub Bottom Profiler Innomar SES 2000
Sub Bottom Profiler Edgetech 3200-XS
Profiler & Pipeliner Geopulse 5430A
Multibeam Echo Sounders Reson 8101
Reson 8125
Reson 7125
Reson Hydrobat
R2Sonic 2040
Sidescan Sonar Geoacoustics SS981/159D
Magnetometer & Gradiometer G881, G882, Seaspy
Global Positioning Systems (single frequency) Trimble 4000RS/DS
Trimble ProXR
Trimble DSM 132
Global Positioning Systems (dual frequency) Trimble 4000/4400/R8
MSK Beacon (differential receiver) Trimble MBX 3S
Software (Nav, data collection & processing) Caris, Fledermaus IVS3D, Surfer, PDS 2000
Software (Sub Bottom Profiler/Sidescan Coda Geokit
Software (Magnetometer) Maglog, Magpick
Software (Tides) Tidecalc, Geomatix
Tide gauges Valeport 710, Valeport Tidemaster, WLR7
Current Meter Valeport 108 & 308
Current Profiler (ADCP) RDI Workhorse Sentinel 300, 600 & 1200
Discharge Monitor YSI River Surveyor 9
Wave, current  & tide recorder Valeport 730D
Radio Modems Pacific Crest, Trimtalk
CTD/SVP Valeport, Midas, Hydrolab DS5X and YSI 660 Multiparameter Sondes
Motion Sensor TSS 205, 305, Applanix PosMV
Gyrocompass Meridian, SG Brown
Micro ROV Gnom “Baby”
Weather Station Skye Instruments Datahog
Bottom Sampling Van Veen Grabs (various sizes)
Water Sampling Van Doorn, Niskin
Washbores Honda water pump with jet probe
Mobile Laser Scanner MDL Dynascan
Global Positioning System (dual frequency) Leica 1100
Trimble 4700, 4800,5700, 5800, R8
Radio Modems Pacific Crest
Electronic Total Stations & Levelling Instruments Trimble, Leica, Nikon, Sokkia
Software Qinsy Lite (data acquisition for laser scanning)