Projects of 2007

Date Project
Dec 07 Pre dredge bathymetric survey & channel pegging out.
Dec 07 Multibeam survey for Khalifa Port project.
Dec 07 Hire of vessel & crew for coring rig support.
Dec 07 Long term contract for survey support on Sadiyat Island. Tasks included survey control checks & establishment, bathymetric & topographic surveys, boundary marking, road & grade stakeout, stockpile measurements, metocean & marine environmental monitoring & sampling. (Project construction includes Gary Player golf course, Abu Dhabi Guggenheim and Louvre Museums).
Dec 07 Interim Dredging survey
Nov 07-Jan 08 Lease of 2 survey vessels for dredging support in Abu Dhabi and Qatar.
Nov 07 Multibeam survey of 6km x 3km area in Dubai.
Nov 07 Multibeam survey of a 3km x 2km area near Mussafah Channel entrance. Deployment of ADCP instrument for 1 month measurements.
Nov 07 Fantasy Island as built topographic survey.
Nov 07 Search for 2x 11kv cables buried in Raha Beach Channel using diver held cable tracker. Cable exposure using air lift pumps, cable position fixing.
Nov 07 Deployment of 3 ADCP units & multibeam bathymetric survey for proposed outfall route.
Nov 07 Topographic & multibeam survey of Suwa Island.
Oct 07 Bathymetric survey of proposed route for overhead cables & access road.
Oct – Dec 07 Lease of hydrographic surveyor for daily bathymetric checks on underwater rockwork placement for quay wall construction.
Sept 07 Bathymetric survey, ADCP measurements & hydraulic modelling of hotel beach front in Abu Dhabi.
Sept 07 Multibeam bathymetric survey of Suwa Island & approaches.
Sept – Nov 07 Bathymetric & Topographic survey of “The World” islands project Dubai using multibeam sonar, and  RTK GPS systems. Production of Autocad drawings  & raster images. Additional 24 month callout contract.
Aug 07 Post dredge bathymetric survey of dredged areas including generation of cross sections & volumetric calculations.
July 07 Interim bathymetric survey of dredged areas including generation of cross sections & volumetric calculations. Setting out of earthworks for slope construction.
July/Aug 07 Deployment of 2x ADCP & 3x Self recording tide gauges for 1 month at Abu Dhabi Corniche.
July 07 Sub bottom profiling and bathymetric survey of  proposed jetty location.
June/July 07 Deployment of wave monitor, tidegauge & weather station. for 1 month to gather data for hydraulic modelling purposes.
June 07 Deployment & recovery of 2 x ADCP units.
June 07 Bathymetric survey of  Emirates Palace Hotel Marina, bay & approaches.
June 07 Magnetometer search for equipment lost from dredger.
June 07 Geotechnical investigation using washbore equipment.
June 07 Interim bathymetric survey for dredge monitoring.
June 07 Bathymetric Survey of proposed jetty approach route.
May 07 Familiarisation of staff on calibration methods for bathymetric equipment during dredging operations prior to deployment to site (theoretical & practical demonstrations).
May 07 Bathymetric & sub bottom profiling  surveys of  proposed seabed trench routes.
May 07 Bathymetric & Topographic surveys prior to construction of a jetty & power distribution sub station.
May 07 Bathymetric survey to determine extent of remedial dredging requirements at Qarasina Island.
May 07 Sub bottom profiling survey for pipeline trench route.
Apr 07 Calibration of Gyrocompass & GPS system onboard jackup rig “Leen”.
Apr 07 Bathymetric survey, ADCP & Tidegauge deployment & observations.
Apr 07 Stockpile survey at Reem Island.
Apr 07 Bathymetric survey, ADCP & Tidegauge deployment & observations.
Apr 07 Pre dredge survey at Reem Island.
Apr/May 07 Lease of shallow draft vessel for Bathymetric work.
Mar-June 07 Lease of Hydrographic Surveyor for single & multibeam bathymetric data collection and environmental monitoring in support of dredging operations at the Sadiyat Island Project.
Feb 07 Calibration of ships GPS and Gyrocompass prior to offshore works.
Feb 07 Establishment of survey control, & bathymetric survey at Palm Jebel Ali.
Feb-Aug  07 Long term lease of survey vessel & crew for Sadiyat Island dredging & reclamation project.
Jan-Feb 07 Checking horizontal & vertical accuracy of survey control network on Sadiyat Island.
Jan 07 Pre Excavation surveys for “Shams” Abu Dhabi project.
Jan 07 Lease of Vessel & Crew for pre dredge survey and environmental study at Sadiyat Island
Jan 07 Positioning services for marine pipeline installation at Palm Jumeirah “Atlantis Hotel”.

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