Projects of 2009

Date Project
Dec 09 Topographic surveys of  226 hectares of  coastal & inland area for proposed recreational facilities on Sir Baniyas Island. Installation of permanent survey control monuments
Dec 09 Gyro & GPS calibration, antenna /moon pool offset measurements for TSHD dredger.
Dec 09 Topographic surveys of  47 Hectares of inland area for proposed recreational facilities on Sir Baniyas Island.
Nov 09 Topographic surveys of 51 hectares of  coastal & inland area for proposed recreational facilities on Sir Baniyas Island.
Nov 09 Bathymetric & topographic survey for beach erosion monitoring at Sadiyaat Island, installation of 2x tidegauges for 1 month measurements.
Nov 09 Bathymetric survey of offshore reef and approach route.
Nov 09 Deployment of ADCP unit for 30 days measurements.
Oct 09 Cable route bathymetric survey.
Oct 09 Lease of vessel for dredge monitoring survey works.
Oct 09 Dredger Gyrocompass & GPS calibration.
Oct 09 Lease of vessel & crew for sediment & water sampling operations.
Oct 09 Deployment of ADCP’s, multi parameter probes & tidegauge. Lease of vessel & crew for environmental sampling.
Oct 09 Pre dredge survey, dredge monitoring and post dredge surveys for debris removal in marina approach channel to Yas Marina F1 circuit, navigation control for seabed bar sweeping.
Oct 09 Survey benchmark installation, and hotel plot survey & report for handover to plot purchaser.
Sept 09 Hire of 2 personnel for Marine Geophysical & Oceanographic project in Kuwait
Sept 09 Hire of Survey Data Processor/Draughtsman for Project in Qatar
Sept 09 Bathymetric & Topographic survey for waterfront development.
Sept 09 Deployment of 3x tidegauges, &  hire of vessel & crew for geophysical survey.
Sept 09 Bathymetric Survey, ADCP deployment and collection & analysis of 80 sediment samples for new dredged channel.
Aug 09 Deployment of 2x ADCP Units
Aug 09 Sediment sampling & analysis using large size grab & winch system.
July 09 Bathymetric & topographic survey of offshore island for proposed expansion & development.
July-Dec 09 Monthly contract for vessel & crew hire, and dive team for assistance with maintaining water quality monitoring & sampling equipment.
July 09 Pre fill bathymetric survey for proposed new offshore island.
July 09 Deployment & recovery of ADCP’s, Tidegauges & CTD probes.
June 09 Pre fill bathymetric survey at Raha Beach Development
June 09 Temperature profiling of several areas offshore Khor Fakkan & Dibba
June 09 13.5km route survey for heavy lift barges
June 09 Temperature profiling of several locations offshore Abu Dhabi.
June 09 Grab sampling for monitoring seabed conditions in dredged areas.
June 09 Bathymetric survey of 2 proposed deepwater sites for heavy lift barge submersion.
June 09 Berthing Facility Survey
June 09 Pipeline Route Survey
May 09 Bathymetric survey for security system installation.
April 09 Bathymetric survey, & deployment of 2 ADCP’s and 1 tidegauge for hydraulic modelling study in Abu Dhabi.
April 09 Route survey to check clearance depths for large vessel passage.
March 09 Processing Sidescan Sonar & Sub Bottom Profile data.
March/April 09 ADCP, Tide, water column profile & weather data collection for intake/outfall design
March 09 Topographic survey and establishment of benchmarks for Boskalis new jetty construction, & vessel gyro calibration
March 09 Bathymetric & Sidescan surveys at 2 sites to prove seabed suitability to sink heavy lift barges.
Feb 09 Multibeam bathymetric survey of dredge borrow area in Umm Al Quwain
Feb 09 Lease of ARGO 8WD vehicle for EIA project.
Feb 09 Topographic survey & datum establishment for waterfront hotel project.
Feb 09 Lease of vessel, crew, equipment & operators for geophysical survey.
Dec 08 Multibeam bathymetric route survey in Ras Al Khaimah.
Dec 08 – Feb 09 Site investigation surveys for large high profile project in Abu Dhabi, including multibeam & single beam bathymetry, topography, sidescan sonar, sub bottom profiling. Metocean data collection including currents, waves, tides & weather, vertical datum confirmation.

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