Projects of 2010

Date Project
Dec 10/Jan 11 Bathymetric & topographic survey, installation of tide gauges, assistance with installation of seabed ADCP, and hire of vessel for moving ADCP measurements for the Volvo Ocean Yacht Race project
Dec 10 Post dredge bathymetry, as built topography and volumetric calculations for dredging & reclamation project for private island development for a senior member of the ruling family
Dec 10/Jan 11 Bathymetric survey of 25sq km area in the Western region
Dec 10/Jan 11 Combined bathymetric & topographic survey of Sir Baniyas island coastline (approx 42km) using single beam and multibeam sonar, and laser scanner
Dec 10 Topographic survey of approx 80 hectares on Sir Baniyas Island
Dec 10 Topographic survey for beach erosion monitoring
Dec 10 Pre dredge bathymetric & topographic survey for private island development for a senior member of the ruling family
Nov 10 Coastline erosion monitoring Bathy & Topo survey for Sadiyaat Island
Nov 10 Bathymetric survey, water column profiling and water sampling for flushing study in Shangri La hotel channel
Nov 10 Topographic survey of private island for a member of the Royal family
Nov 10 Topographic survey of private island for a member of the Royal family
Nov/Dec 10 Supply of equipment and personnel for UXO survey in Boubiyan approaches in Kuwait
Oct/Nov 10 Supply, deployment, recovery and data processing of 8x ADCP units for 1month data recording
Oct 10 Topographic survey for boundary wall design & construction
Oct 10 Seabed dive survey for installation panning for underwater security system
Oct 10 Positioning and mooring of environmental monitoring pontoon for environmental monitoring systems at Shuweihat power station
Sept 10 Supply of tidegauge equipment
Sept 10 Benchmark Checks on Sadiyaat Island
Sept 10 Topographic Survey
Sept 10 Provision of personnel for bathymetric & Geophysical survey
Aug 10 Levelling survey of groundwater monitoring sites
Aug/Dec 10 Lease of survey vessel for dredging project
Aug 10 Bathymetric & Geophysical surveys at Ruweis Refinery Complex
Aug 10 Horizontal & vertical verification of numerous benchmarks on Sadiyaat Island
July 10 61 hectares of Topographic survey, and site stakeout on Sir Baniyas Island
June/July 10 Bathymetric survey of 16km x 10km area for hydraulic modelling.
June 10 Bathymetric & topographic survey for water front development in Ghantoot area.
June 10 Bathymetric & Topographic survey, buoy positioning for pipeline route.
May 10 Washbore campaign to determine sand layer thickness for dredge project
May 10 Topographic survey for marina development on Saadiyat Island.
May 10 Bathymetric & topographic survey for design of new slipway
April 10 Post dredge survey of Boskalis jetty & approach channel in Mussafah
April 10 Bathymetric survey at Sadiyaat Island.
April 10 Supply of vessel, equipment & personnel for multibeam & geophysical survey
Mar 10 Supply of ADCP instrument.
Mar 10 Bathymetric & topographic survey at “Paradise Island”.
Mar 10 Bathymetric survey for TSH Dredger approach route Ras Al Khaimah.
Mar 10 Pre Dredge Sidescan Sonar survey of the offshore section of the New Mussafah Industrial Channel route.
Mar 10 Hire of 6WD Amphibious vehicle for use in avian study in difficult terrain.
Mar 10 Bathymetric & topographic survey of 1km breakwater in Dibba.
Feb 10 Collection of over 100x 6kg seabed sediment samples for physical & chemical analysis.
Feb 10 Topographic surveys and plot pegging for coastal & inland development projects
Feb 10 Post debris removal bathymetric survey for Yas Marina approach channel.
Feb 10 Road survey on Sadiyaat island
Feb/March 10 Bathymetric survey for TSH Dredger approach route, and offshore borrow areas Abu Dhabi.
Feb 10 219 hectares of topographic survey for coastal & inland areas at Sir Baniyas Island.
Feb 10 Benchmark checks for consultant/contractor dispute resolution on Sadiyaat Island project.
Jan/Feb 10 Hire of survey vessel & crew for demonstration of R2Sonic Multibeam system for the Middle East Hydrographic Society.
Jan 10 270 hectares of Topographic Survey on Sir Baniyas Island.
Jan 10 Combined bathymetric & topographic surveys of an undeveloped island area consisting of approx 990 hectares of land & intertidal topographic survey areas, and 450 hectares bathymetric survey area. Installation of 4 permanent survey control monuments.
Jan/Feb 10 Sidescan sonar survey of a section of the New Mussafah industrial Channel to check for obstructions prior to dredging operations.
Jan 10 Hire of licensed multibeam data acquisition & processing software (Qinsy) for an overseas project.
Jan 10 Hire of vessel & crew for one week to assist with diving survey at Khalifa Port development area.
Jan 10 Precise Static GPS check survey of existing survey control over an area of approx 85km of coastline. RTK check of survey control of approx 8km distance.

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